Hi, I'm Cindy Gersch

I'm thrilled you're here.

When I was five I won the loudest voice award at my dance recital. It wasn’t a big surprise, you could hear me singing the ABC’s clear across town that night! It was then that I KNEW I was going to use my voice for something big. I went to college thinking I’d be an entertainment reporter. I mean HOW COOL would it be to interview celebrities on the red carpet? Obviously, that didn’t happen, BUT I did end up being a reporter for a CBS affiliate! I spent six years as a “one-man-band” shooting, editing, and reporting myself. It was fun for a bit and I got to interview some cool people. But, as the lead military reporter, reporting after September 11th became too hard for me. Too many casualties from the war, and too many sad stories. So I switched gears and moved over to marketing (which a lot of reporters do.) For 20 years I was in the corporate world, working my way up from marketing coordinator all the way to Vice President of Corporate Communication.

After unexpectedly losing my job, I decided to take a leap of faith, believe in myself, and start working for myself! And that’s what I did. In 2019, NEU Marketing Group was born! I LOVE being my own boss and LOVE working with clients of all different industries and from all over the world. NEU Marketing Group has allowed me to not only follow my dreams of entrepreneurship but also the freedom to travel extensively as well. Traveling has become a passion of mine and I take advantage of going to new places whenever I can! Besides travel, I also have a passion for helping other small businesses. I founded and now run a Facebook Group, for small business owners that has more than 20,000 members in it.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with an extremely rare arterial disease, fibromuscular dysplasia. This potentially fatal disease has caused me to have many unexpected health issues. However, I’ve taken this disease and turned it into something positive. I am now a renowned motivational speaker, having told my story on stages around the country and on podcasts worldwide.

Here's what our customers say...

Lional "JellyRoll" Dalton

Former Baltimore Raven & Super Bowl Winner

”I hired NEU Marketing Group to help with my search for a new kidney. Within a few days, Cindy launched a full-court press and social media strategy. She lined up dozens of interviews, from local podcasts to Sports Illustrated and everything in between. Within four months of hiring her, I had a new kidney. ”

Janine Lind

COO MidPen Housing

”When I had a need for a communications expert to partner with, Cindy was my go-to person. Her ability to quickly understand the organization’s mission and story and help translate that into effective communications was invaluable. Cindy and her team helped us transform our website, craft and implement our social media strategy, developed key Board Member communications, and supported the design and presentation of our first 5-year strategic plan (amongst many other things.)”

Lisa Hallett

CEO and Founder wear blue: run to remember

”Cindy is a dynamic addition to the wear blue team. Her keen professionalism, years of experience in the business, and swift response have helped wear blue increase our impact and community relations.”

Tiffany May

Voice-Over Actress

”I am extremely grateful to work with Cindy on marketing and branding for my voice-over business. She guided me to make decisions to shape my brand into a unique, professional, fun realm, encompassing who I am as a professional and human being. Her vision sees the big picture in the world of all aspects of business, something I greatly needed insight on. Because of her guidance, I feel confidently grounded in my business, knowing that it truly represents me. Thank you, Cindy! ”